Thought Field Therapy, or TFT as it is more widely known, was discovered and developed in the late seventies by the brilliant Doctor and clinical psychologist, Roger Callahan.

TFT is a combination of the ancient healing power of acupressure alongside modern psychology.

It has been proven by multiple scientific studies and by the effective results on thousands upon thousands of people that by ‘tapping’ on specific acupressure meridian system energy points, in a preordained specific sequence, a wide range of emotional and physical concerns can be rapidly alleviated or even cured. Most of my clients call it simply amazing!

So, how does TFT work and how does it help physical problems?

One theory is, that when applied to specific problems TFT addresses their fundamental root causes by providing information in the form of a precise healing code – which balances the body’s energy system, allowing the elimination of many physical (and emotional) problems as well as any deep hidden emotional cause behind the ache or pain. I shall talk more about how it works in another post.

TFT also eliminates any and all anxiety and other negative emotions the condition evokes.

Unfortunately, increased anxiety due to pain is one of the top reasons the quality of life often diminishes. And often the medications prescribed for both of these issues, are usually toxic – leading to many complications and side-effects, even death.

Sadly individuals on blood thinners can’t even take most medications for physical pain and are left with little or no option for their pain relief.

Interestingly, Researchers at Oxford University in the United Kingdom have found that the anxiety caused by the anticipation or experience of pain makes the perceived level of pain much worse.

Fortunately, TFT effectively reduces or eliminates the anticipatory anxiety in addition to reducing or eliminating the pain.

Length of relief from pain, per occurrence, is also important to the sufferer.  In a study, TFT provided longer relief than that experienced from pain medications and relief is very often permanent!

You can if you wish use TFT in addition to your medication to reduce the risk associated with continued use and to enhance their effect.

However, it makes economic and reasonable sense that we use a natural, risk-free process for pain relief and management first before we spend large sums of money for medications with known side-effects and unknown risks.

Many years ago I was fortunate to be a part of the Australian Channel 9 hit TV series ‘Celebrity Overhaul’. During the show I was able to work with number one ‘Human Nature’ pop star Phil Burton for a problem he was dealing with.

After only a short ‘tapping’ session with myself his problem was gone. Years later I know he is still doing well. Is TFT a powerful healing tool?

I think he’d say yes. But you can ask him yourself the next time you happen to meet him at one of his concerts in Vegas!