As you are aware there can be many different causes and reasons behind physical problems like backache, lower back pain, muscular aches, pains, tension, stiffness, headaches and migraines.

It could be due to poor posture, lifting a heavy weight, sleeping position, alcohol abuse, heat, nutritional issues like food intolerances and food sensitivities, or even dehydration. * There will be a post about food sensitivities soon*

However, generally speaking the two most common causes of pain are:

One – due to some kind of physical overuse or injury, also physical tension that is often generated by acute or chronic stress, anxiety, fear, anger and rage, the later two especially! This type of pain is usually localized – meaning affecting just one or more muscles or parts of the body.

The second most common cause is – systemic muscle pain, which is often felt throughout the body, this is somewhat different. It is usually the result of an infection, an illness or even a side effect of a medication.

So, what are some of the usual solutions that people often seek to alleviate their pain or tension?

Many first turn to medication – anything from Aspirin and paracetamol – which can be useful for the immediate relief of some occasional pain – to stronger pain medications like Oxycodone.

However, medication as we know can generally have adverse side-effects, can be addictive and even cause of death. It’s a fact that properly prescribed medication is a leading cause of death in the US!

Some even have to rely on steroid in injections, which only gives temporary relief to many and has a wide range of side-effects including increased pain!

People also often turn to….
Topical pain relief like Tiger Balm and Counter Pain
Tens machines

Then there is Surgery – which of course has been proven ineffective in the long-term for many people.

Some people even resort to elicit drugs or alcohol to numb their pain. Of course these are not advised, although medicinal marijuana has been shown to have its uses. And alcohol in moderation can temporarily help relax the mind and body.

So, as you can see there are various causes to pain and many solutions to try and overcome it, some more effective than others.

If any of these solutions work for you then great! As long as you get immediate and long-term sustainable relief without any adverse side-effects and without loss of time, travel and lots of money being invested.

If you haven’t tried TFT or Dr. Ronald Ruden’s Havening Techniques (Havening Therapy) for your physical problem then I suggest you might give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose. I outline TFT for pain relief in a previous post.

Btw, my ‘Freedom from Pain -Today!’ course will cover the first cause – overuse, physical injury and stress related problems. Some of which you may not be even aware of!