…a Happy Non-Smoker!

Without Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Cravings, Withdraw, Willpower or Gaining Weight When You Quit Smoking!non-smoker

So, are you looking to quit smoking? To become a non-smoker – forever?

I’m a quit smoking expert and have helped many quit smoking. I even use to smoke myself and so I know just how hard it can be to become a non-smoker.

I expect as you already know to quit smoking by yourself is tough going. Even if you’ve made up your mind to stop and are determined to (essential elements by the way!)

Even if you’ve read a book on the subject, or got the full support of family and friends (if they smoke sometimes they’ve got a vested interest in you failing to quit!)

The problem is with family and friends is that they don’t have the expertise to help you. Especially when the going gets tough. Like when you’re under stress, anxious, or out for a drink with friends.

You see, to quit smoking needs strong guidance and above all, that all essential support.

So, let me tell you, to assure you that I am here for you, to be your rock! I will guide and support you all can. To give you the tools, help and back-up to be a successful non-smoker – forever.

So. Why don’t more people want to quit smoking? Well, not wanting to be a non-smoker, many smokers often recited its perceived benefits….

They said it felt good with alcohol, after a meal or with coffee. That they felt better when they smoked if they were stressed, couldn’t concentrate, or were bored or lonely. I can easily understand their reasons and they are all valid and good. I am not hear to criticize or judge, and who can dispute how they felt. 

But once they become a non-smoker they realized just how untrue those reasons were. What really was happening is that they felt better because they were feeding their nicotine addiction!

And for many people to become a non-smoker was seen as very difficult. They didn’t want to have to deal with all the cravings, withdraw symptoms, the habit, nicotine addiction, the stress and anxiety of quitting, the possible weight gain. Plus all the temptations and associations of smoking, alongside the sheer willpower needed to stop smoking!

What were your reasons being a non-smoker was viewed as difficult? 

Whatever your reasons, I am confident my QEPR method will help you stop smoking, no matter how long or how many cigarettes you use to smoke!

My methods are THE most effective you will find anywhere to enable you to be a non-smoker forever. I will help and support you overcome any and all of the objections above and more to be and remain a non-smoker.

Utilizing the latest research and neuroscience I will help you re-programme your mind. To make it easier, quicker and above all as stress free as possible for you Stop Smoking – or Stop Vaping! Just like the many people I have already helped to permanently quit for good!

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Although I use far more advanced methods these days you can see me in action about 8 years ago here with international platinum selling Human Nature pop star Phil Burton on the CH9 TV show ‘Celebrity Overhaul’:

Ch9 ‘Celebrity Overhaul’ TV clip of Paul Emery (QEPR) using EFT to help Human Nature pop star Phil Burton quit smoking from Paul Emery on Vimeo.

‘What Paul the therapist got me doing was for me particularly, was just getting rid of smoking out my life completely!’ Phil Burton

As I work alongside you, you will feel really confident in your ability to quickly and easily stop smoking or stop vaping.

Not only that, but I will empower you to remain a stress free non-smoker, by giving you the most powerfully effective tools – easy and simple techniques for you to also use at home, if ever needed!

I will help you and show you how to:

  • Stop cravings and withdraw symptoms – often in a matter of minutes
  • Break the habit, addiction and all your smoking associations
  • Stop self-sabotage
  • Quickly decrease any negative unwanted emotion e.g stress, anger and anxiety now and in the future!
  • Not gain any weight after you quit
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Feel more confident and relaxed


The Rules, My Guarantees and Your Commitment! (*You must not smoke 12 hours prior to an appointment*)

  • Although, there are no guarantees in life as nothing is always 100% effective and nobody can ‘make’ you become a non-smoker unless you truly want to, my powerful combination of proven therapeutic methods works extremely well for most people, most of the time!
  • My many past client successes prove that if you are determined to stop smoking or stop vaping and do your part, take responsibility and fully participate in my program. Then together with my help, your chances of quickly and permanently becoming a non-smoker are almost guaranteed!
  • I can assure you that I can make it significantly easier for you to, become a non-smoker by giving you tools you don’t currently possess to be and remain a non-smoker forever
  • I can help you become calmer, more relaxed, confident and happy, to successfully and quickly deal with any physical/emotional withdraw, cravings, past or present stress, anxiety, anger, worry etc that contributed to you smoking and prevented you from becoming a non-smoker
  • So, do you really feel ready, committed, determined and dedicated, no matter what, to be and remain a non-smoker? To follow my simple instructions and perform my easy and effective techniques at home, if necessary, to deal with any future cravings, stress, anxiety etc?

In a ‘Financial Times’ (09/08/08) article by renowned BBC Journalist Michael Buerk who wrote the following about my work at Chiva Som Health Resort in Thailand:

‘I went to two “holistic” sessions, mainly to snigger. I am the kind of narrow- minded rationalist who finds this New Age stuff screamingly funny. A rather personable chap (Paul Emery QEPR) banged on about how he could remove the blocked energy flows in our meridians, mainly, it seemed, by rapping on our eyebrows like a woodpecker. It sounded utter nonsense. The snag was it (tapping) seemed to work. An Australian chain-smoker instantly pronounced herself cured. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation, I know, but there again …’

Amusingly written!

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Now – Some Smoking Myths!

You’ll gain weight. You’ll only gain weight if you substitute smoking with eating more, because you held onto the idea that you are missing something.

In-fact be happy that you are missing nothing – but gaining so much. Think about what you are gaining and be joyful and proud at the thought of finally becoming a non-smoker!

Another reason some people substitute smoking with eating more is because they haven’t dealt with any underlying stress, anxiety, anger etc that contributed to their smoking.

With my program you won’t need a substitute because I will eliminate any underlying emotional causes!

Meals, coffee, alcohol, sex, socializing etc are more enjoyable with a cigarette. It’s the association you make between ‘topping’ up your nicotine fix, at the same time as you are ‘satisfying’ other needs, that confuses you into thinking that the cigarette is a ‘pleasure’.

The only thing that makes a cigarette taste good is that, without it, you experience the discomfort of the craving for your fix! That need to feed your never-ending addiction.

I need willpower to stop smoking because it helps me deal with stress, concentrate better, relax and overcome boredom. If it were really true that smoking helped all that, then your life would be total bliss! You should be totally stress free and relaxed, never bored and able to concentrate all the time.

When in-fact the truth is – smoking impedes concentration (your mind is frequently distracted by wanting to satisfy the craving need), it impedes relaxation (being constantly aware of getting that next nicotine fix), it increases boredom (because the cause of your boredom doesn’t go away but seems to increase when you become aware of that craving itch and need to light up,)

It increases stress (the added hourly stress of needing and getting a cigarette to keep the cravings at bay, the stress of being prevented from smoking in some way, the guilt, the shame of smoking, the potential harm is does to you and your loved ones.)

So there are no actual real reasons to smoke! Therefore, once you see that for what it really is the desire for smoking goes.

During a Live TV show I was able to help this man stop smoking using just one of my methods!

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 On Becoming a Non-Smoker:

  • If you had the choice – would you choose to be a smoker or non-smoker? Why?
  • Are you glad that you smoked?
  • If you had, or have, children or grandchildren would you encourage them to smoke? If not why not?
  • Are you addicted to nicotine? For example have you gone to extreme lengths to get your fix, perhaps lied about it to yourself and others? 
  • Using willpower to quit smoking and become a non-smoker is a bad idea. It keeps you hooked and creates stress and anxiety, which increases the craving because you felt you were missing out on something, felt deprived, couldn’t cope without your fix and therefore became more anxious! (Of course, you don’t need willpower with my unique program!)
  • Do you enjoy the ritual of smoking? Well, what’s the ritual for – it’s just what you need to do to get the drug into your system! Think about it. Would you still perform the same actions if you didn’t need the nicotine?!
  • You have been conned into thinking that a cigarette is a friend, that it provides you with some sort of ‘pleasure’ or crutch. The only so called pleasure in smoking is in trying to relieve the empty, insecure feeling of nicotine withdraw!
  • The more you try to resist the temptation to smoke, the more obsessed you become by the craving because that’s all you focused on!
  • Smoking was an impulse, a desire you acted upon. Yet there are probably other things you felt impulsed to do, things you’d like to do– like telling you boss to go to hell, or screaming at someone in a queue to hurry up – but you don’t! You put the thought out your mind and the uncomfortable feeling quickly fades! So, remember you do already have some self-control over your thoughts, your behaviour
  • Therefore you can take the same control over cigarettes. It’s a fact that if you resist the desire to smoke by immediately breaking the pattern and do something else, anything else, it starts to quickly weaken the old neural-pathways in the brain. The desire and nicotine withdraw quickly goes. In-fact nicotine is out of your body in days!
  • You are already a non-smoker unless you light up another one!
  • Before a consultation with me tell all your family and friends, and post on all your social media that as from today you are happy to be a non-smoker forever!
  • Throw out any cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays etc at home and work
  • Drink plenty of juice. It helps flush nicotine and poisons out your system especially during the first three days of being a non-smoker.
  • Re-arrange as practical your home and work environment to help create a fresh start
  • You spent many hours smoking per week! Just consider what will you do with all your extra time?
  • What will you do instead as a non-smoker when wanting to take a break? I have some practical, easy and helpful suggestions btw 😉

And now some more good news! Your Quit Smoking Time-Line….

20 Minutes: Blood pressure and heart rate are stabilized. Blood circulation improves

8 Hours: Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide blood levels decrease by over 50%. Oxygen levels normalize and rejuvenate your skin and hair

12 Hours: Carbon Monoxide blood levels become normal. Oxygen levels return to normal

24 Hours: Carbon Monoxide in the blood is expelled. Lungs start clearing off smoking ‘debris’

48 Hours: Damaged nerve ending start to regrow. Your senses get better

72 Hours: Your body is 100% Nicotine free! Your Bronchial tubes let you breathe comfortably. Improved energy levels

1 to 2 Weeks: Lung function and blood circulation improve

2 to 12 Weeks: Improved blood circulation gives your skin nutrients that help prevent wrinkles. Walking becomes easier

3 to 9 Months: New cell lining (Cilia) develop in your lungs to alleviate respiratory problems 

1 Year: Coronary heart disease is cut by 50% of that of a smoker

5 years: Mouth, throat, esophagus and bladder cancer is half that of a smoker. Lower risk of stroke and cervical cancer

10 Years: Approx 50% lower risk of lung, pancreatic and larynx cancer of that of a smoker’s

15 Years: Your risk of heart disease is the same as a non-smoker


Also see my Blog post herehttp://quantumepr.com/blog/quitting-smoking-proves-to-reduce-stress-depression-and-anxiety/

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