Paul Emery (QEPR)

Qatar – Six Senses Spa – Part Two

Each time I visit Qatar I’m lucky enough to be shown around by a Qatari friend to all the Souks’s nooks and crannies, like where they keep the thorough bred horses, camels, little known but splendid restaurants and traditional tea shops. He even showed me the ‘Falcon Hospital’. Yes, a hospital for falcons! They are highly prized and cared for in the Middle-east.

I was once luckily enough to work with a Sheikh in the dessert(!) and whilst there was able to see all his dozens of beautiful Falcons as they rested on their perches for the evening. Wherever you go to cafes you see men, mostly men, puffing away on large ornate pipes, also known as ‘Hubbly Bubbly’.

I didn’t realize before that the tobacco has so many different varieties of aromatic aromas. I tried it many years ago in Turkey, just for the experience and haven’t partaken since. It wouldn’t be right after-all it’s part of my job to help people quit smoking ;-)

I visited the ‘Qatar Foundation’ and was fortunate enough to be a part of two ‘QF Radio’ shows. The first was a talk about QEPR and how it came about. The second was a show dedicated to my ‘Weight Loss Made Easy’ consultation and treatment I give clients.

During the consultation I go through a very successful 4 step life-style eating strategy. To lose weight and importantly to be able to maintain it you have to work on your mind, your psychology, your emotions, your beliefs. Diet and exercise alone won’t and don’t do it! During the consultation I also help people get over over-eating and cravings of any sort and increase motivation to exercise.

The spa guests, as we refer to them, had the usual array of problems. Everything from relationship issues, work stress and back ache to over-eating concerns. This spa is one of the few places I work from where I work with children.

Most spas and resorts I work don’t allow any children under 16. Children, teenagers I find are so open to QEPR as they don’t have any interfering beliefs holding that back from trying something new and different, and ultimately very effective for them!