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Physical Problems

Acute or Chronic Physical problems?


(Quantum Emotional & Physical Release)

Paul Emery with a client

Paul Emery has had tremendous success using QEPR (Quantum Emotional and Physical Release) on all kinds of physical problems, everything from chronic muscular aches and pains, car accident victims, sports injuries to people who’s toes wouldn’t bend!

Of course Paul’s QEPR is not a cure all – although it does seem to produce miracles sometimes. If a problem is purely mechanical in nature then QEPR can do little to help.

However, you may not even be aware that most if not all physical problems have an emotional component to them,which often causes an energy block and makes the problem worse or maintain. This energy block can be 100% the underlying remaining cause of the problem, or at the very least will make the problem far more painful.

Even if your problem is only 20% caused by an emotional/energy block then it’s worth trying Emery’s QEPR for your problem – as any relief is better than none, and there are no side-effects and it does no harm. With nothing to lose the worse thing that can happen is that you feel more relaxed and less tension in your mind and body!

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One case was of a footballer who came limping into Paul’s office complaining of pain in his foot where he was kicked during a match. His pain level was an 8 out of 10. After a brief period of ‘tapping’ the pain went down to a three! It remained at a three until the actual healing of the kick took place a few days later. The footballer walked out of the office without limping and in less pain.

Another case for example that Paul Emery worked on was a lady from Australia who had a terrible car accident 5 years or so previous. Among other problems she severely hurt her spine and so was hospitalized whilst the doctors and surgeons did all they could to help her.

Fortunately, they all did a great job and she was able to leave hospital after only 4 months. Unfortunately, after extensive surgery her back remained in great pain which made her feel very uncomfortable and unable to sit still for long periods of time and often woke her in the night.

She returned to the hospital several times but the doctors said they could do no more for her except offer her Cortisol injections, which she was reluctant to have.

Determined to relieve her pain she visited several alternative medicine practitioners and had regular massage, all to no avail.

Desperate, but without much hope she went to Paul Emery for some QEPR.

Paul immediately discovered it was an energy block caused probably by the trauma of the crash. After one consultation the pain completely vanished, and has never returned to this day
– 3 years on.

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