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Computer Bio-feedback Stress & Anxiety Relief

Simple, Effective Computer Biofeedback Stress & Anxiety Relief!

Biofeedback on pc

Meditate, breathe, relax, calm down! We are told over and over again to ‘just do it’ in order to beat stress and save our lives, but how can we know for certain out of all the many
techniques that are out there what helps us best? The answer is computer ‘Bio-feedback’ with Paul Emery’s QEPR.

A QEPR Bio-feedback session is painless, and actually fun! Whilst connected to a computer via an ear sensor you’ll learn and instantly see which of the various stress management
techniques helps you most to relieve stress.

Bio-feedback (computer) heart, brain and nervous system stress reaction test. Simple techniques show you how to be calmer, more relaxed, less reactive, reduce aches and pains, sleep better and raise your anti-aging hormone, DHEA.

In Paul Emery’s consultations, you will:

  • Learn what physiological effects stress has on you
  • Learn techniques to transform stress to a state of calm
  • Easily observe which techniques work for you best

The benefits of QEPR to you include:

  • Better health
  • Increased DHEA ( the anti-ageing hormone)
  • Improved mental and emotional clarity
  • Less reactive to daily stresses, and quicker recovery when stressed
  • Control your heart rhythms to achieve optimal performance i.e in sports
  • Gain a new sense of inner control
  • Restore patience and emotional balance
  • Improve sleep


  • None

‘QEPR’ FAQ – What is QEPR?

It is shown that specific, soothing upper-body touch combined with simple visualizations creates verifiable chemical changes within the brain’s emotional/pain centre, the “Amygdala”.

Changes also occur by way of “tapping” specific meridian energy points, or by shifting how the problem is perceived through the senses. QEPR blends groundbreaking practical techniques, such as TFT, Havening, Kinetic Shift, EFT and NLP.

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Paul EmeryWhat is QEPR (Quantum Emotional and Physical Release?)

‘Quantum Emotional and Physical Release’QEPR for short, is a title for my holistic treatment that I came up with one day whilst thinking about what I did and the techniques I use. I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed as a therapist who only did one specific modality, which is often the case with therapists who just stick with one thing, but I don’t. I have a Kaisen philosophy of always improving and updating what I do.

I recall a few times in my early days someone would see me and say, ‘Oh you’re the therapist that does….!’  When in-fact, like many of us, as time passes I grow and learn, gain more experience, refine, update and improve upon what I do in order to help and better serve my clients.

So I thought about what really sums up what I do. Firstly, my treatments often work very fast in resolving whatever problem the client has brought to me –  a quantum leap you could say in healing. Secondly, a part of my work involves working with the body’s meridian energy system and sometimes at a sub-atomic quantum level. Meaning I can also work and incur positive results from a distance without touching the client.

Who needs it?

Everyone needs help with something – to lead a better, healthier, longer and happier life do they not? Be it something from their past that holds them back, a trauma for example, perhaps something they are currently dealing with, for instance a heart-break, or work or family stress even something in their future that troubles them. I have helped people from all walks of life from supermodels and royalty, to top CEO’s and stay at home mums improve their lives, be it to help them quit smoking, get over some anxiety, the loss of a loved one, remove a fear or phobia or lose weight.

What does it target?

Partly based on the latest neuroscience, my treatment targets the root cause of all unwanted emotion, which resides chemically in the brain. Notably receptors in the Amygdala, the brains emotional center. QEPR also targets the body’s meridian energy system, whereby energy blockages and disruptions can prevent a stuck emotional problem from being released.

There are no negative side-effects to my treatment, only positive ones. My treatment calms and relaxes the mind and body, helps improve the nervous system, raises the feel good chemical Serotonin and makes you look younger. Who wouldn’t want that now?!

How does it work? Tell us about the procedure.

Whilst the client and I remain seated throughout the consultation, I get a brief outline of the problem or problems they would like to resolve. I generally don’t need much in the way of detail, although it is nice to have and can be useful sometimes. However, just a sense of the unwanted emotions involved are all that are really necessary. It is not counselling or traditional psychology, so my treatment is also perfect for those who don’t want to, or don’t have the time to talk a great deal about their problem.

My therapy is a proven, effective and rapid body/mind therapy. A psycho-sensory therapy in fact as I gently and comfortingly use my hands on the clients upper body – normally the face, arms and hands as I guide them through a simple and very relaxing process. If the client prefers not to be touched then they can perform the treatment on themselves with my guidance, but the majority of clients prefer me to perform the treatment on them.

The result is…

Permanent removal of the stress causing receptors in the Amygdala, and an unblocking and re-balancing of their energy system. All this leads to complete emotional or physical freedom from their particular concern! Usually within a session or two. The clients feel lighter, more relaxed, happier and able to get on with their lives. 

Once relieved of the problems, how does one continue to live holistically?

I would encourage clients to lead a balanced life as best they can, both at home and at work. To give themselves time to rest and relax, to spend some time alone and also with loved ones, to eat, exercise and sleep as well as they can. Avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol as much as possible. And spend some time in nature.

Can QEPR be practiced at home on your own?

Yes indeed! Apart from demonstrating my work during our consultations I always give my clients simple and easy techniques, handouts they can take home and use to quickly and easily manage ANY stress or physical issue that they may encounter in the future – from general stress and anxiety to backache or headaches.

I also have videos I am working on that they can access if needed. For instance, right now I have an inexpensive online and DVD treatment available called, ‘Freedom from Pain – Today!’.A simple short one hour course that if followed will enable people to quickly resolve most aches or pains and some other physical concerns too, as well as any stress, anger and anxiety!

You are also the creator of ‘Emer-gizes’, tell us about that

I created my ‘Emer-gizes’ exercise class about 12 years ago whilst working at the famed destination health resort Chiva-Som in Thailand. ‘Emer-gizes,’ which is a play on my last name, ‘Emery’, is a light and gentle, energy, physical and emotionally balancing exercise class for all ages.

It helps relieve aches and pains, tones and strengthens the body and organs, boosts the immune system and autonomic nervous system,  reduces stress and fatigue, makes people feel lighter and more energized whilst relaxing them at the same time. It includes elements of self-shiatsu, energy medicine, brain wave vibration and tapping on various acupressure points. Alongside my treatments it is also very popular and most people simply call it amazing. I love teaching it!



‘Freedom from Pain Today!’ featured on NBC, Fox, abc and CBS outlets

'Freedom from Pin Today!' Paul Emery QEPR

My ‘Freedom from Pain – Today’ stress, ache and pain relief DVD and online video course was featured in 100’s of outlets today, including NBC, CBS, abc and FOX news. Happy to be spreading the word about the great techniques (TFT, Havening, EFT & NLP) I use and helping as many people, and as affordable as I can!

Here it is in full below:

Revolutionary Exclusive Online Video Course and DVD Freedom from Pain-Today Assures Guaranteed Relief from Acute and Chronic Pain

Posted: Aug 11, 2016 4:39 AM
Award winning therapist and best-selling co-author Paul Emery has come up with a first-of-its kind online video course and DVD “Freedom from Pain-Today” that assures quick relief from any acute and chronic physical pain from headaches to back ache through cutting-edge proven and exclusive techniques.
Bangkok, Bangrak – August 10th, 2016 – All those down with physical pain can finally heave a sigh of relief! Leading therapist Paul Emery has joined up with a selected international team of video course creators & experts to release a web-based groundbreaking video and DVD course entitled “Freedom from Pain-Today” – that offers proven never-heard-before self-applied techniques that guarantee effective relief from acute and chronic physical pain.

The exclusive first-of-its-kind course, which is currently being written in a book form, was launched on on July 10th, 2016 and by DVD has already received great response and acclaim.

“If you have been suffering for long and traditional healing methods have just failed to cure your acute or chronic pain, our new groundbreaking course would be just the thing for you. Rightly titled as ‘Freedom from Pain-Today’, the one hour video course is all about scientifically proven, tested, effective and self-applied pain relief techniques which nobody has ever combined together before.

“It will cater to anybody who is suffering from any sort of physical discomfort – be it pain in the back or shoulder or neck or joint issues, PMS, headaches or sports/accident related injuries and so on. And yes, we guarantee 85% success rate”, stated the esteemed Paul.

Paul, an NLP Master Practitioner is also an EFT Trainer, certified Havening Techniques expert, TFT Advanced Practitioner & has co-authored two very popular international best-selling books with Jack Canfield (‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’) and Brian Tracy (‘Maximum Achievement’), and was awarded the coveted ‘AsiaSpa Holistic Treatment of the Year 2010’.

He has trained with some of the most esteemed specialized doctors & healthcare pros like Dr. Richard Bandler, Dr. Ronald Ruden, Gary Craig, Paul McKenna etc. – the very prestigious experts who have played a key role in researching & developing the painless & effective pain relieving techniques described in “Freedom from Pain-Today”. Paul has been the guide for many big honchos out there including top CEOs, Movie Stars, Supermodels, Royalty, Pop & Rock stars and so on.

“Paul is just great…it helped me!” said supermodel celeb Kate Moss who is one of the happy users of Paul’s methods now demonstrated in this exclusive revolutionary course.

Video Link:

Speaking on the amazing features of “Freedom from Pain-Today”, Paul extended a long pleasant list:

• Also reduces negative emotions like stress, sadness, anger, anxiety etc. which research shows often abet or can be a root cause to many physical problems of which when addressed can have a remarkable impact
• Easy, yet groundbreaking cutting-edge techniques that can be performed by anybody, anywhere without any medication, lotion or equipment
• Benefits felt quick and almost immediately
• Safe & natural techniques only
• No requirement of previous medical knowledge
• Techniques described are easy to understand & implement
• Special advanced section would help in curing stubborn pain
• 2 free of charge bonus videos
• Free surprise gift would be offered as the course ends
• Carries complimentary module PDF worksheets

“The revolutionary course assures a happier & healthier you with just a few easy techniques. The first of-its-kind course will also be beneficial to doctors, chiropractors, therapists and other health care experts who are looking for a unique & innovative additional tool in their treatments.”

To get your copy of “Freedom from Pain-Today”, visit or

Media Contact
Company Name: Freedom from Pain-Today
Contact Person: Paul Emery

Phuket News Interview

Heal yourself with Paul Emery

The Phuket News recently interviewed internationally renowned coach and therapist, Paul Emery, at the luscious Anantara Layan Resort & Spa, a tropical sanctuary in a tranquil bay setting on Phuket’s western coast.anataraThe hotel opens onto a private stretch of beautiful Layan Beach, and one of its most attractive features is the luxury spa that offers the perfect setting for rejuvenating wellness and pampering relaxation. It is this stunning spa where Paul Emery has been helping with the Balance and Wellness Programme, specialising in healing and relaxing.

Paul has helped people from all walks of life, from doctors to rock stars, including The Scissor Sisters and Sir Michael Parkinson, since 2002. Originally from Bristol in the UK, he has become worldly known as the “Miracle Therapist”.

Paul is popular for his practitioner courses, and focuses on how to heal pains, aches, fears and anxieties. He created QEPR (Quantum Emotional & Physical Release), which is an award–winning therapy course and its innovative techniques have helped thousands of people, from soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), to stressed–out CEO’s and mothers, to those with a fear of public speaking. A consultation could help with emotional problems, weight loss, as well as test for food sensitivities/allergies, which many people don’t realise they have.

Paul developed QEPR after years of research and experience. It was his own eclectic modality, mostly founded on the ground-breaking psychological techniques of Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Havening Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) plus Paul’s own style, discoveries and innovations.

Paul also demonstrates some of his basic, yet most effective life-changing tools that he incorporates into QEPR. Tools that you can quickly and easily self-apply at any time, any place for a life-time of continued emotional support and stability.

Paul’s life has certainly been interesting. He spent over six years as a resident therapist at the multi-award-winning destination spa, Chiva Som International Health Resort. He successfully learned the tools of the trade before he then decided to move to Bangkok where he is currently based. He quickly got used to visiting other locations around the world and developed a hefty client list in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

In addition to appearing on various television programmes, his extensive list of publications that he has appeared in, including Marie Claire, Fox News, Vogue, Financial Times, Sunday Independent, Women’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar as well as working at some of the world’s top resorts from Thailand to Turkey, is a reflection of his inspiring success.

His success is in no way undeserving though, as Paul is constantly promoting and working on his brand. He also speaks to clients through Skype, making himself reachable all around the world.
Paul’s inspiration for working in the health and wellness sector came from his childhood fear of public speaking and anxiety issues.

When he was just 14 years old, he was diagnosed with a chronic ‘social phobia’. Paul became interested in psychology and after a few decades and a multitude of life changing experiences Paul decided to take his passion seriously and trained in Counselling.

He started studying courses, including ‘Talk Therapy’ at the University West of England in Bristol, UK where he qualified as a counsellor. He tried to understand not why, but how problems would arise and he found himself learning the best parts of each therapist he would speak to. Paul studied with the foremost in the field of self-development and psychology from Dr Richard Bandler to Dr Roger Callahan and Dr. Ronald Ruden.

Soon enough he had become a full-time practitioner.

On one of Paul’s visits to the US, he met with Dr Roger Callahan who invented the “tapping” method, which is known to “cure phobias, cravings and insomnia”. It focuses on one specific feeling and taps four points on the body (hand, wrist, chest and underneath the nose) firmly in sequence “as recommended” approximately eight times as indicated for each person’s problem.
Paul has been able to cure headaches, body aches and anxieties just by performing this process and has helped many clients all around the world.

Initially the therapy didn’t help Paul himself, but he still went on to study the method enabling him to diagnose specific Meridian blockages and further enhance his success.

After undergoing some methods himself, it showed that a lot of bad toxins, preservatives, shampoos and chemicals were contributing to his condition He then eradicated all these from his daily life, started to wash his own clothes in organic shampoo, or oil, limited and controlled his diet and finally found his condition improving.

These new changes, combined with the tapping method were starting to help with his anxieties. He has now been free of his condition for the last five years.

When he first discovered what was causing his phobia, he completely eradicated all toxins and would only eat plain foods such as chicken, fish and vegetables cutting out rice, peppers, condiments and red meat from his diet. However, now he allows himself to eat in moderation, but continues to be strict with himself prior to big events, such as TV interviews and talks.

His ability to appear and talk live on television is a testament to the techniques he has studied and carried out himself. In the last few years, he has released a book called ‘The Winning Way’ which is number eight on Amazon and won the Holistic Treatment of the Year 2010 award, as well as casually popping to Hollywood to pick up another award.

Paul comes back to Anantara Phuket every few months, where he helps out regular and new clients.

For a full list of treatments or to find out more about Anantara Layan Resort & Spa, visit
For more information on Paul, you can connect with him at:,, and

What is the difference between EFT and TFT?

The main differences between EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and TFT (Thought Field Therapy)

I am sure many of you are familiar with EFT and may know that TFT is the first and original ‘tapping’ method.

TFT (tapping) was created and developed over many decades by my mentor and the grandfather of ‘tapping’ Dr. Roger Callahan. TFT many would argue is the more simple, quick, easy and effective!

The main differences between EFT and TFT are primarily that there are no set-up ‘statements’, affirmations or scripts to memorize and speak aloud with TFT. No ‘even though…..’to utter, or reminder phrases.

That TFT (Thought Field Therapy) uses very short, memorable specific sequences of points – known as algorithms – for a particular emotional or physical problem. Specific algorithms can diagnosed by a trained therapist. 

TFT is straight forward and easy. It’s a highly effective, drug-free and non-invasive way to reduce or eliminate even chronic aches and pains without the risk of medications.

Apart from the obvious physical and emotional benefits to applying TFT there are additional benefits also.

One very exciting and significant finding is that tapping has an enormous positive effect on the Autonomic Nervous system (ANS), an internal system that controls heartbeat, breathing, body temperature, blood pressure, blood chemistry, metabolism, immune functions and other ‘involuntary’ functions.

Tapping can directly influence the heart and balance the ANS, thereby producing significant physical and emotional well-being.

In-fact tapping causes positive changes in the body more than most other approaches, and also no treatment approach is better at quickly re-balancing and normalizing the ANS. Science backs this up.

If nothing else you will benefit internally from using tapping on a daily basis. Consider it an internal workout. In-fact I recommend tapping daily to really help tune-up all your organs, help your blood-pressure, your blood-chemistry, general aches and pains and more!

TFT has also been successfully used to relieve migraines, PMS, colds and flu, endometriosis and stiff joints.

Many have used the techniques on other symptoms such as MS, Parkinsons, Chronic Fatigue and fibromyalgia.


With nothing to lose I try TFT (Thought Field Therapy)!