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My Services

My Services

Stress Relief: Manage you emotions and feel better, calmer, stronger, more in control by gently releasing any emotion that may hold you back; anxiety, worry, frustration, sadness, anger, fears, phobias, trauma, guilt, depression

Weight Loss: End yo-yo dieting, raise your self-esteem and feel better about yourself. Lose and maintain weight loss with a 4 step eating strategy plus essential psychological support; control emotional eating, cravings, release any underlying stress, blocking or self-sabotaging emotions

Detox Support: Reduce hunger pangs – cravings – headaches, relieve any heightened emotions and improve mental/physical health by identifying food/environmental toxins and sensitivities

Mind/Body Balance: Self-shiatsu and simple energy enhancing exercises to increase health, energy system, energy flow, vitality, immunity, circulation, nervous and lymphatic system, internal organs, coordination, strengthen mind/body, overcome fatigue, balance left/right brain, generalized stress relief

Pain Release: Management, reduction even elimination of physical symptoms, aches and pains, backache, pms, neck/shoulder tension, headaches. Also gently release any underlying emotional cause or increase in symptoms by stress, anxiety, anger

Sleep Better: Simple strategies to be able you to switch off and quieten the mind, relax and let go of worries, anxiety

Quit Smoking: Become a confident and content non-smoker without willpower or gaining weight; control any cravings-habit-addiction-withdraw and manage any underlying stress and emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger, frustration

Computer BioFeedback: See in real-time how to quickly improve emotional resilience, become less reactive, more in control, sleep better, increase anti-aging DHEA hormone, balance heart/autonomic nervous system by simple heart focused breathing exercise

Golf/Sports Performance: Improve your game and score, be more relaxed, confident; reduce yips, gain greater control-focus-concentration, manage anger/frustration/nerves/tension/pain, increase energy

How many sessions are required? As the techniques tend to produce fast results, generally only two consultations are required for a specific concern

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