I have worked for a couple of years as a Visiting Practitioner from the increasingly popular Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary on Koh Samui in Thailand. People travel from far and wide to go there to relax, get treatment for stress, detox, weight loss, practice yoga, have some great massages, get pampered or just chill and laze on the small but secluded beach.

Watch out for all the coarse dead coral underfoot although, they’re rather painful!

Kamalaya is one of my favourite places to work from as it has a very relaxing, tranquil yet energizing energy about the place. It has stunning sea views and beautiful sunsets and the most peacefully quiet of all the places I work. Sometimes as I lay on my bed all I can hear is the beat of my heart or the occasional bird song.

There are no TV’s in the villas, which is a good thing as so many of us can be addicted to mindlessly watching a programe, or even just switching on the TV as background noise. It’s definitely a good habit to break whilst there, as is the use of mobile phones which is discouraged around the general resort. Ahh, the peace of not being around people who are talking on their mobiles, or having to listen to annoying ring tones!

Kamalaya also has a nice energy about the place because of its great location. Situated on a tropical leafy green hillside, with the occasional natural large bolder and rock that adorn it. It must have taken great planning and skill to build the resort, the hillside villas, to work around and leave the natural features where they stood.

There is even a small natural cave on the resort hillside that was once used by monks to meditate in and the source of the inspiration of the whole Kamalaya concept by John Stewart, one of its founders. Guests at the resort are welcome to pray or give offerings at the small shrine inside, or just go to relax and de-stress or meditate.

The owners and resort are somewhat more spiritual in nature than a lot of places I work. Of course Kamalaya naturally has a strong Thai flavor about it but also a deep Indian influence as the owners spent many years in India. You’ll see as you enter the resort near a small waterfall there’s an attractive Ganesh shrine.

The open-air restaurants and food at Kamalaya are probably over-all my favourite of all the resorts I work from. There’s a healthy mixture of detox and weight loss orientated light cuisine alongside slightly heavier Thai and western based dishes.

I especially love their Garden Salad which is a meal in itself – full of exotic leafy greens, gorgeous goji berries, flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, olives and red grapes and more. Another I like is one with goats cheese and cranberries. I’m not a salad fan as such so it’s a testament to Kamalaya that I enjoy theirs so much!

I also enjoy their Thai curries and soups, especially the chicken Green Curry, Creamy Coconut Chicken Soup, fried rice and the Red Curry. There are also a vast array of herbal teas, juices, shakes and smoothies on offer.

I couldn’t resist having a cool and delicious coconut water with my lunch every day. Coconut water has many health benefits, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and is a natural isotonic drink. It was even used as a replacement for blood plasma during WW1.

The food is organic of course, not so sure about the desserts however lol! It’s all healthy cuisine but the dessert menu is off-limits somewhat for those on detox or weight loss. Those ‘allowed’ rave about the Sticky Rice and Mango, personally I prefer the original so-called non-healthy white rice with coconut cream Thai street version.

Guests also love the Chocolate Souflee and Chocolate Mousse. One guest commented at dinner one evening that the Chocolate Mousse was better than sex :-0 For me it was good, but not that good!

As usual on arrival guests have a consultation with a Wellness Advisor at the resorts Wellness Sanctuary to find out their aims during their stay. After which they are guided to specific programmes or treatments like my QEPR, or in-house therapies such as Thai Massage or Acupuncture.

Like all the resorts I work at once or twice a week I give an ‘Introduction to QEPR (Quantum Emotional & Physical Release), and a couple of my energy balancing ‘Emer-gizes’ exercise classes.

I love giving my QEPR talks as it is a great opportunity for me to be able to educate and demonstrate the power of the techniques which I use.

I have given hundreds of these talks over the past decade and it’s interesting for me to look back and see how the format has changed somewhat. They use to be very structured in nature, virtually scripted and with powerpoint.

Nowadays of course it’s not scripted and I only use powerpoint to show illustrations of the Meridian system and myself in action! My talks are more free-flowing and spontaneous but have the basic theme of how I got started, how QEPR was developed and what the benefits are.

I also like to show videos of myself in action from some TV show, such as the Australian Channel 9 series ‘Celebrity Overhaul’ whereby I helped Human Nature pop star Phil Burton quit smoking in around 10 minutes! I also might show videos of the techniques being powerfully demonstrated on War Veterans or genocide victims to eliminate their PTSD.

Videos help my potential clients get a feel for how QEPR works and to de-mystify it. Then as a ‘finale’ at the end of the talk I ask for a volunteer to demonstrate my methods on. If there are any skeptics in the group, which there usually are, this serves as a great convincer, blowing away any doubts out of their mind as they witness it live in real time someone being cured of a physical ailment.

Sometimes I do work on an emotional problem, cigarette or food craving, but mostly I like to leave emotional issues for the privacy of a private consultation. The beauty of my techniques are that even if you are skeptical or a non-believer in such methods, the methods work regardless! I’ve worked with some initially hard-core skeptics but once they come and have a treatment they become firm believers as they can’t deny the results they get!

One time I had a famous BBC news-presenter named Michael Buerk come to one of my talks. He openly admited in an article he wrote for the ‘Financial Times’ that he came to my talk to ‘snigger’.

However, after witnessing me cure a problem live he also had to admit later in his article ‘that it seemed to work’! When I met him privately later he stated I was very brave demonstrating treatment before a whole group as it could have failed! Brave me?! Failed?! No, not really. No need for bravery or fear of failure.

I know QEPR works just great!