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Havening Techniques (Havening Therapy)


Havening Techniques (Havening Therapy)

Havening Techniques (Havening Therapy) was developed by the brilliant Dr. Ronald Ruden whom I was honored to be trained and mentored by, alongside his brother Dr. Steven Ruden.

It was developed over a period of about 14 years and they continue to innovate, advance and develop Havening to this day.

Havening Techniques is a ‘Psycho-Sensory’ mind/body based therapy that is considered by many as a massive break-through in modern psychology.

Famed therapist and #1 best-selling author Paul McKenna says of Havening Techniques: ‘It’s going to change the face of therapy across the world,‘ and I agree with him whole heartily!

Havening simply is one of, if not THE most effective and amazing therapy methods I have ever come across in my many decades as a therapist.

Through Dr. Ruden’s work with neuro-science he proves that specific soothing upper body touch creates positive chemical changes within the brains’ emotional/pain center – the ‘Amygdala.’

This alongside particular eye movements and mental distraction techniques have predictable and calming effects on our feelings. Havening Techniques reduces stress chemicals, increases the feel good chemical Serotonin and quickly and very often permanently de-links negative feelings from thoughts.

Havening Techniques can be used to treat any problem from general stress, anxiety, depression and PTSD to anger and cigarette cravings! Even many physical problems can be helped. It is usually performed by a qualified therapist but is also highly beneficial when self-applied.

There are three main aspects to Havening Techniques.

*Retrieval of an emotion by simple recall

*Havening touch. This entails softly stroking down the arms, face then hands in a comforting fashion. These areas on the body are shown to produce strong electrical delta waves to the brain’s emotional center, the Amygdala. These waves in turn release an enzyme which permanently un-hooks then strips away the stress causing receptors from your Amygdala.

*Distraction techniques. This prevents continuous re-activation of the stress producing receptors.

I wrote about Havening Techniques in two books I co-authored – ‘The Winning Way’ with Brian Tracy, and ‘The Soul of Success’ with Jack Canfield. In both books I outline how to successfully perform Havening to relieve any unwanted negative emotion.

You can get free access to my Havening chapters ‘Winning Without Worry’ from ‘The Winning Way’ HERE. And Free access to my chapter from ‘The Soul of Success’ – ‘Havening – Instant Stress Relief – In Your Hands’. HERE.

Note, I am available throughout the world to provide quick and simple Havening Techniques therapy by Skype.