Are your internal thoughts bothering you? Are you worrying unnecessarily and thinking too much especially at night? Do you want to slow down or stop your thoughts from bothering you so much? Then try the following exercise to get relief now. It’s simpler to do than it looks!

Focus on what’s bothering you and listen to your internal negative self-dialogue for a moment.

Which direction does your internal voice seem to be coming from – the side of your head? Front? Back? Is the voice loud or quiet? Soft or harsh tone? Quick or slow? Monotonous or nervous, excited voice?

Now experiment with it. It doesn’t have to remain where it is and how it is, you can take control over it, now!

For example did you know you can change its location – the direction it’s coming from, see if it feels better. If it was coming from the front for example – move it, imagine it coming from the back of your head. If you don’t like the way it feels just put it back to where it was. But maybe you like it better in its new location! Perhaps it will seem more distant.

Also you can make it a quieter voice, quiet like a whisper, make its tone soft and gentle, slow the voice right down, slow and sleepy, a sleepy yawny voice.

Make it a boring tone, even the tone of someone else’s voice you find boring or funny. Perhaps someone you don’t believe what they say i.e. a politician or the funny voice of a cartoon character. Maybe you will feel your problem is not so serious after all.

Imagine moving the voice out and away from your head and down to your shoulder, then to the tip of your thumb! How does it seem when it’s coming from there? More distant, less serious and bothersome?

How about playing some circus or other humorous music in the background.
Practice, play with these techniques and if you don’t like the way it is when you change it then you can always put it back to how it was but maybe the changes you will easily make will help you feel relaxed and better now!