Computer Bio-feedback Stress & Anxiety Relief

Simple, Effective Computer Biofeedback Stress & Anxiety Relief!

Biofeedback on pc

Meditate, breathe, relax, calm down! We are told over and over again to ‘just do it’ in order to beat stress and save our lives, but how can we know for certain out of all the many
techniques that are out there what helps us best? The answer is computer ‘Bio-feedback’ with Paul Emery’s QEPR.

A QEPR Bio-feedback session is painless, and actually fun! Whilst connected to a computer via an ear sensor you’ll learn and instantly see which of the various stress management
techniques helps you most to relieve stress.

Bio-feedback (computer) heart, brain and nervous system stress reaction test. Simple techniques show you how to be calmer, more relaxed, less reactive, reduce aches and pains, sleep better and raise your anti-aging hormone, DHEA.

In Paul Emery’s consultations, you will:

  • Learn what physiological effects stress has on you
  • Learn techniques to transform stress to a state of calm
  • Easily observe which techniques work for you best

The benefits of QEPR to you include:

  • Better health
  • Increased DHEA ( the anti-ageing hormone)
  • Improved mental and emotional clarity
  • Less reactive to daily stresses, and quicker recovery when stressed
  • Control your heart rhythms to achieve optimal performance i.e in sports
  • Gain a new sense of inner control
  • Restore patience and emotional balance
  • Improve sleep


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