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‘Emergizes’ Light Exercises

Pain Relief, De-stress with Award Winning ‘QEPR’ Creator & Specialist Paul Emery

Created over 10 years by Paul Emery, Emer-gizes is a unique and powerful combination of ancient and modern light exercises and self-acupressure (tapping) mindbody balancing techniques, that are simple and easy to do. Gently stimulating the muscular and meridian energy system (chi), Emer-gizes relieves stress, mental and physical exhaustion, tension, aches and pains whilst gently relaxing, refreshing and energizing you.

With no equipment or previous knowledge required you are led through a series of light warm-up Japanese ‘Makko-Ho’ yoga like stretches and Shiatsu ‘Do-in’ exercises, ‘Energy Medicine’ and Meridian ‘tapping’ Techniques, all of which have accumulative long-term health benefits restoring balance to the mind and body.

Some benefits include:

  • Gently improves levels of stamina, fitness and muscle tone and helps lightly burn calories and lose weight
  • Benefits all internal organs, blood pressure, balances nervous system
  • Improves lymphatic and circulation systems and Increases and boosts the immune system
  • Increases and stimulates correct energy flow and improves co-ordination and concentration
  • Promotes clarity of thought, focus, concentration, balances the brain , relieves stress and aches and pains

The class has many techniques but here are just a few useful reminders: –

The 3 thumps

1) Cross wrists and tap below collar-bones at in-dents next to breast bone

2) Then centre chest on breast bone

3) On ribs under breasts

(Jump starts, lifts and stimulates energy, corrects any backward energy flow, boosts and strengthens immunity, fights infection, releases stress, focuses mind, aids concentration, balances blood chemistry, helps metabolize food).

Cross crawl

1) Alternate marching

(Supports the cross-over patterns in your body’s energies, improves co-ordination and left/right brain activity, creates balance, fights exhaustion, helps with learning and improves vitality).

Neuro-lymphatic head points

1) ‘Oh My God Points! Lumps on front sides forehead

(Helps release stress/tension from body and mind, breaks fight or flight response, helps you think more clearly).

Zip-up and affirm

1) Central Meridian line front of body

(Protection against others negative energies, strengthens, lifts energies and spirits, helps when feeling vulnerable/overwhelmed, centering, installs positive affirmations).

Lymphatic chest thump

1) Corner where collar-bone meets shoulder

(Stimulates lymphatics, releases congestion and helps move toxins out body).

Brain Wave Vibration

1) Stand and shake the body from head to toe

(Improves general health & immunity, releases stress, aches & pains and tension)

Hara Point

  1. Put focus 3 finger widths under navel
  2. (Centers body & mind, helps core strength and confidence, grounding, reduces emotions


5 simple ways to remain happy and calm

This article is taken from an interview I did for Vogue magazine India


Tell us 5 simple ways to remain happy and calm during a stressful situation

Their are many ways to remain happy and calm during a stressful situation. Here are just a few for you to practice and benefit from.

Breathe Technique

This technique quickly calms and relaxes, balances your autonomic nervous system, helps you sleep better, makes you less reactive and raises your anti-aging hormone DHEA. The technique can be performed without anyone noticing, for example whilst in a stressful situation. It can also be performed anytime of day to help you relax more. Great to do at night whilst about to sleep:

Focus on the area of your heart as you gently inhale through the nose for a slow count of 5. Then exhale gently for a slow count of 5, and repeat. Do this for about 10 minutes, or for as long as you want or have time for.


Anchor happy and calm feelings

This requires a little practice but you will soon feel great and be able to call up good feelings quickly and easily:

Sit quietly and recall as vividly as possible a time you felt really happy and calm, or if you can’t remember a time now imagine just what it would really feel like to feel happy and calm. Then as if you are right back there now – what do you see, hear and feel?

Go through the memory over and over in your mind as you make the images big, bright, bold and colourful, the sounds loud and crisp, the feelings stronger and give that happy, calm feeling a colour. Then imagine spreading that colour throughout your entire body from the top of your head down to the tip of your toes, and imagine doubling that feeling. Go through that memory over and over again, and when you really feel those good positive feelings throughout your body simply squeeze your thumb and middle finger together. This squeezing is anchoring the good feeling to a very specific, unique and replaceable gesture.

Clear your mind for a moment by just looking around the room. Then test your anchor by once again squeezing your thumb and middle finger together just as you did before. The happy and calm feelings should return. The more you practice this simple method the quicker and stronger the feelings will be. You can use this happy and calm anchor whenever you wish to feel good.


Anger Release Secret

This is a great technique to instantly reduce anger:

Think about something which made you angry. Then relax your bottom jaw and with hands open and relaxed (not tense or in a fist) push down on the side end (facing you) of the little finger of either hand with the forefinger and middle finger of the opposite relaxed and open hand. Now try and get angry – you can’t!


New Behaviour Generator

Sit quietly and with eyes closed bring to mind an image of yourself looking exactly how you’d like to be – perhaps happy and calm in stressful situations for example, or healthier, slimmer, more radiant and confident in your daily life. Make it a really appealing image, something you want to become, but realistic and attainable of course. Make it a good one, the best image of you you can make – now! Make it a big, bold, bright, clear and colouful image. If there is something you’d like to change about it go ahead and make those changes.

When you are completely happy with the image, imagine a wonderful, big, bright movie of this new you going about your day. What would you see, hear and feel being this new you?

When you have completed that for a while come back to the beginning and bring up that wonderful image again. If there is anything you’d like to change about the image, this movie, to make it even better go ahead and do that. When you’ve done that see the appealing image in front of you again and this time imagine stepping into this new you, like trying on a new set of clothes. And imagine going through your day being just the way you want. What would you do, see, hear and feel?

I recommend doing this exercise first thing in the morning as you wake up and last thing at night just as you are about to sleep. You will soon notice the changes in your life to match the new image of yourself!


Tap Out Stress

This is one of the most powerful ‘tapping’ sequences I know to quickly remove stress from both the mind and body! A lot of people have heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques,) but what many don’t know that an original, more powerful and quicker method was first discovered before EFT called ‘Thought Field Therapy’, or TFT as it is more widely known.

Bring to mind a specific problem, something that bothers you – some stress, anxiety, anger or worry for example. Now tap the following points about 10 times each in the exact following sequence. You can tap either side of the body with either hand, it doesn’t matter:

Beginning of your eyebrow – next to the bridge of your nose

Under your eye pupil – on the edge of the eye socket

Under your arm pit about 10 cms  – level with your bra strap if you are a woman

Under your collarbone – that soft indentation next to your breastbone

Side of your index finger – next to the end of the nail facing you

Under your collarbone again

Side of your little finger – next to the end of the nail facing you

Under your collarbone again

Then think about your problem and notice what has changed. Keep repeating the sequence until you are satisfied that you feel better!


Bonus Technique – ‘Affirmational Havening’

This is a wonderfully effective yet deceptively simple technique based on the latest neuroscience. It will increase your serotonin, that feel good brain chemical and make you feel happier and more relaxed. Perform this technique as often as you can, for as long as you like on a daily basis. It will have a positive and accumulative affect on your emotional well-being. I talk about this in my best-selling book co-authored with Jack Canfield ‘The Soul of Success’.

As you comfortably sit think about a positive state you would like to have more of, and sum it up in one word – happy, confident or calm for example. Next do your best to connect with your chosen positive emotion and place both hands on top of each opposite shoulder. Then whilst chanting your chosen word gently and comfortingly smooth, stroke down from the top of your shoulders to your elbows. Keep repeating this motion as you keep reciting your word for a couple of minutes. Then notice the difference in how you feel!

If you would like to know more or have any questions please feel free to contact me

Paul Emery & Brian Tracy ‘Winning Without Worry’

WinningWithoutTo download your free exclusive ‘Winning Without Worry’ chapter taken from ‘The Winning Way’ co-authored with Brian Tracy and other leading experts, just click the photo or the link here….‘Winning Without Worry’.

This is what you will learn from the chapter…..
1) How to use and apply a simple, yet powerful, new groundbreaking stress reducing technique called ‘Havening’ (which Paul now incorporates into his treatments). I think you will be amazed to feel just how quickly it will help you overcome any stress, anxiety, worry, emotional distress even aches and pain that you may be dealing with. It also comes with an exclusive link to complimentary videos on how to perform the technique, making it easy for you to get instant relief – just by watching!
2) An easy breathing exercise which is proven to lower stress, help you become less reactive, sleep better as well as raise your anti-aging hormone DHEA!

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In my chapter titled, ‘Havening’ – Instant Stress Relief – In Your Hands! (available for free HEREI write about stress, corporate stress what it is and how to overcome it by focusing on, identifying and changing some important ‘external’ and ‘internal’ factors. I then go on to talk about and describe how to perform the miraculous Havening technique on yourself to reduce any current stress from your life!

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Bio-feedback stress relief

Simple, Effective Biofeedback Treatment!

Biofeedback on pc

Meditate, breathe, relax, calm down! We are told over and over again to ‘just do it’ in order to beat stress and save our lives, but how can we know for certain out of all the many
techniques that are out there what helps us best? The answer is computer ‘Bio-feedback’ with Paul Emery’s QEPR.

A QEPR Bio-feedback session is painless, and actually fun! Whilst connected to a computer via an ear sensor you’ll learn and instantly see which of the various stress management
techniques helps you most to relieve stress.

Bio-feedback (computer) heart, brain and nervous system stress reaction test. Simple techniques show you how to be calmer, more relaxed, less reactive, reduce aches and pains, sleep better and raise your anti-aging hormone, DHEA.

In Paul Emery’s consultations, you will:

  • Learn what physiological effects stress has on you
  • Learn techniques to transform stress to a state of calm
  • Easily observe which techniques work for you best

The benefits of QEPR to you include:

  • Better health
  • Increased DHEA ( the anti-ageing hormone)
  • Improved mental and emotional clarity
  • Less reactive to daily stresses, and quicker recovery when stressed
  • Control your heart rhythms to achieve optimal performance i.e in sports
  • Gain a new sense of inner control
  • Restore patience and emotional balance
  • Improve sleep


  • None


(Article taken from

What is (QEPR) Quantum Emotional and Physical Release?

‘Quantum Emotional and Physical Release’QEPR for short, is a title for my holistic treatment that I came up with one day whilst thinking about what I did and the techniques I use. I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed as a therapist who only did one specific modality, which is often the case with therapists who just stick with one thing, but I don’t. I have a Kaisen philosophy of always improving and updating what I do.

I recall a few times in my early days someone would see me and say, ‘Oh you’re the therapist that does….!’  When in-fact, like many of us, as time passes I grow and learn, gain more experience, refine, update and improve upon what I do in order to help and better serve my clients.

So I thought about what really sums up what I do. Firstly, my treatments often work very fast in resolving whatever problem the client has brought to me –  a quantum leap you could say in healing. Secondly, a part of my work involves working with the body’s meridian energy system and sometimes at a sub-atomic quantum level. Meaning I can also work and incur positive results from a distance without touching the client.

Who needs it?

Everyone needs help with something – to lead a better, healthier, longer and happier life do they not? Be it something from their past that holds them back, a trauma for example, perhaps something they are currently dealing with, for instance a heart-break, or work or family stress even something in their future that troubles them. I have helped people from all walks of life from supermodels and royalty, to top CEO’s and stay at home mums improve their lives, be it to help them quit smoking, get over some anxiety, the loss of a loved one, remove a fear or phobia or lose weight.

What does it target?

Partly based on the latest neuroscience, my treatment targets the root cause of all unwanted emotion, which resides chemically in the brain. Notably receptors in the Amygdala, the brains emotional center. QEPR also targets the body’s meridian energy system, whereby energy blockages and disruptions can prevent a stuck emotional problem from being released.

There are no negative side-effects to my treatment, only positive ones. My treatment calms and relaxes the mind and body, helps improve the nervous system, raises the feel good chemical Serotonin and makes you look younger. Who wouldn’t want that now?!

How does it work? Tell us about the procedure.

Whilst the client and I remain seated throughout the consultation, I get a brief outline of the problem or problems they would like to resolve. I generally don’t need much in the way of detail, although it is nice to have and can be useful sometimes. However, just a sense of the unwanted emotions involved are all that are really necessary. It is not counselling or traditional psychology, so my treatment is also perfect for those who don’t want to, or don’t have the time to talk a great deal about their problem.

My therapy is a proven, effective and rapid body/mind therapy. A psycho-sensory therapy in fact as I gently and comfortingly use my hands on the clients upper body – normally the face, arms and hands as I guide them through a simple and very relaxing process. If the client prefers not to be touched then they can perform the treatment on themselves with my guidance, but the majority of clients prefer me to perform the treatment on them.

The result is…

Permanent removal of the stress causing receptors in the Amygdala, and an unblocking and re-balancing of their energy system. All this leads to complete emotional or physical freedom from their particular concern! Usually within a session or two. The clients feel lighter, more relaxed, happier and able to get on with their lives. 

Once relieved of the problems, how does one continue to live holistically?

I would encourage clients to lead a balanced life as best they can, both at home and at work. To give themselves time to rest and relax, to spend some time alone and also with loved ones, to eat, exercise and sleep as well as they can. Avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol as much as possible. And spend some time in nature.

Can QEPR be practiced at home on your own?

Yes indeed! Apart from demonstrating my work during our consultations I always give my clients simple and easy techniques, handouts they can take home and use to quickly and easily manage ANY stress or physical issue that they may encounter in the future – from general stress and anxiety to backache or headaches.

I also have videos I am working on that they can access if needed. For instance, right now I have an inexpensive online and DVD treatment available called, ‘Freedom from Pain – Today!’.A simple short one hour course that if followed will enable people to quickly resolve most aches or pains and some other physical concerns too, as well as any stress, anger and anxiety!

You are also the creator of ‘Emer-gizes’, tell us about that

I created my ‘Emer-gizes’ exercise class about 12 years ago whilst working at the famed destination health resort Chiva-Som in Thailand. ‘Emer-gizes,’ which is a play on my last name, ‘Emery’, is a light and gentle, energy, physical and emotionally balancing exercise class for all ages.

It helps relieve aches and pains, tones and strengthens the body and organs, boosts the immune system and autonomic nervous system,  reduces stress and fatigue, makes people feel lighter and more energized whilst relaxing them at the same time. It includes elements of self-shiatsu, energy medicine, brain wave vibration and tapping on various acupressure points. Alongside my treatments it is also very popular and most people simply call it amazing. I love teaching it!